Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Path Toward Normalization

Significant Events in US-Cuba Relations

A work in progress...contributions of additional links welcome 

Spring 2013   Meeting in Washington to discuss postal agreement plus other meetings with Josefina Vidal, Foreign Ministry official responsible for US

Summer 2013   US downplays discovery of North Korean ship carrying Cuban military parts

Summer 2013  Cuba declines transit or asylum to William Snowden

November 8, 2013  President Barack Obama said that it may be time for the United States to revise its policies toward Cuba, against which it has had an embargo for more than half a century.  "We have to be creative and we have to be thoughtful and we have to continue to update our policies,"

November  18, 2013  Secretary of State John Kerry cites President and says “We are committed to this human interchange, and in the United States we believe that our people are actually our best ambassadors. They are ambassadors of our ideals, of our values, of our beliefs.”

December 3, 2013  Judy Gross leads demonstration in front of White House asking President to take responsibility for obtaining Alan's release

December 3, 2013  Two thirds of Senators urge President to take whatever steps are in the national interest to obtain Alan Gross's release

December 10, 2013  President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro shake hands in South Africa

January 10, 2014  Meeting in Havana to review migration accords; positive comments by Edward Lee, head of US delegation

January 13. 2014   Former U.S. Senator and Florida Gov. Bob Graham is part of an American contingent traveling to Cuba  to explore oil drilling plans.

January 14, 2014  Secretary Kerry asks help of the Pope to obtain release of Alan Gross

January 29, 2014  Cuba hosts CELAC meeting with heads of state from all countries except US and Canada

February 2, 2014  Interview with sugar magnate Alfy Fanjul in Washington Post, former supporter of pro-embargo lobby, now favors US normalization and prepared to invest if business conditions right

February 4, 2014 Voice of America story "Americans Want Closer Ties with Cuba"

February 7, 2014  Charlie Crist opposes embargo during campaign for reelection as governor of Florida

February 10, 2014  European Union announces that it wants to start talks on a “political dialogue and co-operation agreement”, in effect the end of the eroding common position from 1996

February 10, 2014  Release of Atlantic Council Survey confirming support by substantial majorities for normalizing relations, ending travel restrictions and removing Cuba from list of State Sponsors of Terrorism 

February 10-14, 2014 Cuba/US People to People Partnership booth at Universidad 2014 in Havana includes participation by Institute of International Education and Educational Testing Service (TOEFL) authorized by both countries

March 1, 2014  New York Times Week in Review story on Cuban Evolution

March 4, 2014 New York Times story on Cubans returning to help and change of perspective in Miami

April 4, 2014  AP publishes investigation of covert Zun Zeneo effort to generate opposition through phony twitter system

May 19, 2014  National security, cabinet level, State Department, Cuban American and business leaders send letter to President Obama calling for change in relations

May 5, 2014  Peterson Institute road map for economic normalization

June 5, 2014  Majority at OAS annual general assembly insist Cuba take part in summit of the Americas in Panama next year, including host

June 17, 2014  Cuban American opinion decisively supports unrestricted travel and marginally favors end of embargo   (FIU Poll)

June 24,2014  Cubans tending toward Democratic Party (Pew Poll)

July 9, 2014  Semi annual migration talks held in Washington with Josefina Vidal; both sides raise other issues; press releases maintain positive tone

August 4, 2014  AP publishes investigation of USAID covert effort to employ Latin American students to create opposition network in Cuba

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