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Irish Heritage Program with Mick Moloney, November 4 - 12


a cultural and educational tour 
with Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis, 
Niall O’Leary, Billy McComiskey and friends

Athena Tergis, Mick Moloney

November 4 - 12, 2014

“Two island peoples in the same
sea of struggle and hope:
Cuba and Ireland"

a plaque on Old Havana's
O'Reilly Street

Cultural Exchange

Join Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis, Niall O'Leary, Billy McComiskey and other acclaimed Irish traditional performers from the US in a ground breaking exchange with Cuba

Accompany them to dance and music encounters with Cuban counterparts.  Hear Mick describe the role of music in the Irish immigrant experience and today's traditional scene in the US.  

Witness the Celtic cultural bond between the Irish in America and the descendents of Spanish migrants to Cuba from Asturia and Galicia.  

Meet Cubans who have mastered uilleann pipes, fiddle, harp, sean nos singing, and step dancing.    

Enjoy a beautiful country and a warm and welcoming people.

                                Full program below

Niall O'Leary with Cuban dancer, 2013

Billy McComiskey

Irish Heritage Tour

Hundreds of organizations legally bring US citizens to Cuba every year for its Caribbean and Latin history, music, dance and people-to-people contact. 

Only our program adds on the unique window of the Irish diaspora.

Irish and Cuban ties date back to the 17th Century, reflected by names on streets, sugar estates and buildings.   Catholic Irish nobility who fled to Spain become part of its colonization of the Americas

The 19th century brought Irish-American railroad workers, engineers and teachers to Cuba; plus gun runners for a  costly independence struggle that paralleled Ireland’s. 

Discover a long forbidden neighbor, plus the little known legacy of centuries of interaction between Cuba, Ireland and Irish Americans.

                                   Full program below

Highlights of Cuba’s Irish history    

Letter from the Embassy of Ireland below

 (translation from above slide by Rafael Moya,)

The Irish and the railroad   
Daniel Warren, married to Honora Ryan, was authorized to create a society responsible for helping sailors
in transit and workers in the construction of the Havana-Guines railroad. The first railroad accident
happened on that route in 1842, for which  the engineer Patrick Doherty was found guilty.

Slide from talk by Dr. Margaret Brehony

Slide from talk by Dr. Margaret Brehony

An Unforgettable Week

Revel in an unequaled combination of Cuban and Irish music and warmth! 

Hear local experts on the Irish presence in Cuba from the 17th to 19th centuries

See Irish linked homes and plantations from the 18th and 19th centuries in Havana and other provinces.  

Stay in a Varadero resort hotel while visiting historical sites in Matanzas Province.

Investigate the birthplace in Cuba of the father of Eamon de Valera, New York born independence leader and President of Ireland.

Meet Irish film maker Charles O'Brien and learn about his project "A Captain Unafraid" about Dynamite Johnny O'Brien from New York, a gun runner for the Cuban independence struggle against Spain.

Speak with international journalists and Cuban academics.
Enjoy as well Cuban culture according to your interest: salsa, jazz, hip hop, reggaeton, symphony, ballet, modern dance, cabaret and the music of the 50s, made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club.

Full program below


Registration/affiliation fee $250
+ Ground cost (hotel, bus, most meals) $2800 + $500* double
       occupancy, $3100 + $500* single
+ Air cost, visa from Cancun $375 
+ Flight from your home to Cancun  $ ______

Air tickets and hotel rooms can be a problem so please contact us as soon as possible with questions or for a PDF registration form:  917-859-9025. 

Even if you can’t come this year, be with us in spirit by financially assisting US based traditional musicians and dancers to share their spirit and talent with Cuba.

* We are suggesting a tax deductible contribution of $500 to support the participation of the musicians. According to personal situation, that may be less or more, or take the form of a grant.        

Contributions to support musicians' costs can be made by non-travelers here.  Should sufficient funds be obtained from advance donations and grants, trip costs will be reduced. 

A abbreviated program will be available November 4-9 that does not include travel to Irish sites in Matanzas Province with an overnight at Varadero beach.  Estimated ground cost $2,500 + $500*.

Write for registration form

Banda de Gaitas de La Habana. CeltFest 2012

More about the musicians

Session at CeltFest, 2012

Memorial in Havana to the Irish hunger strikers

Full program (subject to change)

Tuesday  11/4 
fly from Cancun to Havana; check in O’Farrill Hotel; dinner with organizers and hosts
Wednesday  11/5 
10:30 am  Press conference “Casa de la Amistad”
11:00 am  First presentation by Rafael Moya of Irish-Spanish history in Cuba (17th – 18th century) at Casa de la Amistad (press welcome to remain)
12:30  light lunch at Casa de la Amistad
2:00 pm  Heritage Tour joins Moya in visits to Irish linked locations
4:00 pm  Teatro Retazo Welcome and presentation  by the dance company of Isabel Bustos, dance presentation by Niall
6:00 pm dinner, mojito instruction at Arte Chef
7:30 – 10:00 pm  Jazz Café welcoming concert with Asturian and Galician celtic music groups, Irish dance by Alma Mater from University of Havana

Thursday  11/6  
9:00 am first showing of film “Natural Grace” about fiddler Martin Hayes at CIDMUC (Spanish subtitles)
10:00 am  presentation at CIDMUC by Mick Moloney on role of music in Irish immigrant experience
12:00 pm  light lunch with key people from Cuban culture
2:00 pm  presentation at CIDMUC by Mick Moloney on Irish traditional music today in the US
4:00 pm  showing of film "Absolutely Irish" at CIDMUC
(open evening, possible diplomatic reception)

(Heritage Tour participants can choose to attend Mick's talks at CIDMUC or join a tour of non Irish sites in Old Havana and visit the museums of Fine Arts and of The Revolution)

Friday  11/7   
10:00 am  second presentation by Rafael Moya on Irish and Irish-American history in Cuba (19th-20th century); discussion by Charles Gavan O’Brien of the film he is making about Dynamite Johnny O’Brien; press welcome
12:30 pm  light lunch at EGREM on way to ISA (Higher Institute of Art)
2:00 pm Cultural exchanges at ISA 
7:00 pm.  Dinner at paledar next to Arunel Theater
8:30 pm  Opera de la Calle
10:30 pm  Fabrica de Arte  Cuban music and art

Saturday  11/8

9:30 am Heritage tour visit to Catholic/Santaria church in Regla, performance by N’sila cheche
12:00 pm Ferry to Habana Vieja
12:30 light lunch at Plaza Vieja
1:30 pm  continuation of walking tour with Rafael Moya to Irish sites in Old Havana; presentation by architect Miguel Coyula at model of Habana Vieja
4:00 pm  handicrafts market
6:00 pm dinner near concert site
8 pm.   public concert  (Museo de Bellas Artes or Sala Covarrubias, Teatro Nacional?)
10:30 pm session with Irish and Cuban musicians at Hotel O'Farrill

Sunday  11/9 
musicians depart
Heritage tour visits Irish sites west of Havana in Artemisa Province; free night to enjoy Buena Vista Social Club, Tropicana or…
Monday  11/10 
Visit to Irish sites in provinces east of Havana (Mayabeque and Matanzas)
Hotel Melia Varadero

Tuesday  11/11 
Visit to Irish sites in Matanzas
Hotel Melia Varadero

Wednesday  11/12 
bus to airport for flight to Cancun

Irish related locations

Cuba/US People to People Partnership 
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
145 Palisade Street, Suite 401
Dobbs FerryNY  10522
(914) 231-6270

Graphic Society of Cienfuegos

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