Thursday, March 20, 2014

Center for Global Justice Programs

The Center for Global Justice has two exciting educational trips to Cuba planned in the coming months. 
1. Renovation of Cuban Socialism June 1 to 15, 2014
It will look at the big changes underway as Cuba seeks to renew its socialism by moving away from the state dominated socialism of the Soviet type to a more decentralized and participatory kind of socialism.

This is a bold experiment in social transformation akin to efforts elsewhere in Latin America. We will be meeting with some of Cuba’s leading thinkers so as to better understand this complex process.

We will also visit neighborhoods, schools and other institutions to taste the flavor of Cuban life. 
November 21 to 30, 2014
In partnership with Via Organica, we will look at Organic Agriculture and Cooperatives in Cuba

Two decades ago Cuba was  the first country to convert from industrial agriculture to organic agriculture. Today it is converting a major part of its economy to cooperatives.

Learn how this island nation is striving for food sovereignty as it reorganizes its economy. Visit organic gardens and cooperatives, both urban and rural, an ecological zone, a community project. Talk with specialists in sustainable agriculture, the Cuban economy, its health system, US-Cuban relations, and more.

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