Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cuba Based Guides for Individuals, Families and Groups

Following are based in Havana

Rita McNiff  <>        Rita works with experienced Cuban guides and operates independently for small groups.

Hannah Berkeley Cohen

Cultour with Enrique Nunez--a singer, song writer and artistic director assists visitors seeking one or two day behind the scenes introductions to the arts using his own Lada for small groups

Collin Laverty  works primarily with Havanatur    .

Marcel Hatch works with San Cristobal <>

Cuba Select Travel is a multi-service British owned and managed travel agency in Havana

Locally Sourced Cuba is a New Zealand Cuban partnership offering individual and group tours.  Their web site has useful pages on transportation , linking to Viazul and drive times between cities

San Cristobal, the agency of the Office of the Historian, can work directly with travel advisers who wish to send groups or FIT.  Individuals can go to their office to request or join specialized visits in Old Havana.   CALLE O’REILLY NO.102 ESQ. TACÓN, LA HABANA VIEJA, LA HABANA, CUBA. CP: 10100 | +53 7 869 7490 

Agents wishing to arrange and pay pre-trip for partial or full programs, should contact  "'Silvia Garcia Muñiz'" <>.   She can also help advisers who want to book half or full day Havana Vieja programs for cruise passengers.   For a PDF about San Cristobal, write to

In Santiago, contact Aliuska Brooks <>

In Cienfuegos, contact Iliana Ferriol <>

Generally speaking a group larger than six persons must have a program organized by an authorized Cuban receiving agency such as Havanatur, San Cristobal, Amistur, or Cubanacan.

A new Cuba only cruise with reasonable prices is being organized.  Cubans on board will provide music, dance, cooking and presentations on history and culture.   FRD will organize a FAM trip when it begins.  For further information, register on its web site