Thursday, June 15, 2023

Holguin Conference October 25-27, 2023


XVIII Ibero-American Congress of Thought

House of Ibero-America. Holguin


The Casa de Iberoamérica with the co-sponsorship  of the University of Holguín, convene the XVIII Ibero-American Congress of Thought, to be held between October 25 and 27, 2023 in the Cuban city of Holguín, with the fundamental theme: 30th Anniversary of Foundation of the Casa de Iberoamérica, this time in the face-to-face modality.

You can participate in the Congress in person, in the categories of author, speaker, lecturer or observer, sharing their experiences about the proposed topics, from articles, conferences, pre and post congress courses, and presentations in videos and Streaming.

The articles must be sent in Word document format (.doc), which once selected by the Scientific Committee, will be published in the proceedings of the event with ISBN. The topics to which they must respond will be grouped into the following themes:

  • FORUM 1: Social thought, national identity and heritage
  • FORUM 2: Gender Studies
  • FORUM 3: Cultural Groups and artistic processes
  •  FORUM 4: Sociodemographic Studies in Contemporaneity.
  • FORUM 5: Culture, tourism and local development.
  • FORUM 6: Studies of the socio-educational context.


For admission, work with a proactive approach will be prioritized.

The authors will present a digital version of their proposals with an extension of 5 pages for the content of the work, in Arial 12, space and a half, without cover, in systems compatible with Windows. It is necessary that the name of the document is saved and sent with the exact title of the work, the name of the 2 authors. On a first sheet you must enter, only, the following information: Title of the work (whose extension does not exceed 12 words), name of the authors with their academic or scientific degree, institution, province or country, institutional and personal email, and telephone numbers. All accompanied by an abstract of no more than 250 words and keywords. At the end the bibliography must appear, bounded by the APA standard; These elements are not contemplated within the limit of 5 pages. Two authors per paper will be admitted, each main author can send two proposals for papers to select one of them.


The content of the work must be adjusted to the themes of the call and in all cases contain a critical vision of the author on the issue treated. Research designs or texts that exceed the limit of pages or authors are not accepted. The deadline for admission will close on August 30, 2023. Papers that do not meet the aforementioned requirements will not be approved by the Admission Committee.


The Organizing Committee will inform participants about the acceptance of their proposals from September 15 to 20, 2023.

It will also be possible to access collateral actions such as workshops, pre and post-congress courses that will be published in future notices.


Organizing Committee

- Honorary President: Doctor in Historical Sciences Eduardo Torres Cuevas, Director of the Office of the National Marti Program.

- President of the Organizing Committee of the Ibero-American Culture Festival: MSc. Isaíris Rojas Paris. Director Casa de Iberoamérica.  M.Sc in Cuban History and Culture.

- President of the Organizing Committee of the Ibero-American Congress of Thought. MSc Barbara Martinez Pupo. Sociologist. Investigator. Assistant Professor University of Holguín.

- Dr. C Nury Valcarcel Leyva. Specialist in Local Development and Gender. President of the José Manuel Guarch Delmonte Chair. Professor at the University of Holguin.

- MSc Amparo Berrillo. International Professor of Yoga in Everyday Life, Representative University Extension, President Honorary Chair of Bioethics and Assistant Professor University of Holguín.

- Msc Yaimara Almaguer Cardenas. Art Historian. Organizer of the Young Researchers Award and Our Memory Congress. Professor Instructor University of Holguín.

-MSc Yudania Cuza Silot. Sociologist. Specialist in Environmental Management. Assistant Professor University of Holguín.

- Msc Adriana Roses Labrada. Specialist in Sociocultural Studies and History and Culture. Assistant Professor University of Holguín.


- MSc Marielena Grey Suárez. Cultural Laboratory Project Coordinator. Assistant Professor University of Holguín.

- MSc María Eugenia Brito Fitz. Specialist in projects and local development. Cultural Laboratory Project Coordinator. Assistant Professor University of Holguín.


Registration fee:

- For face-to-face national delegates: 1000.00 CUP

It gives the right to:

_ Participation in all spaces in the area where the Congress takes place.

_ Accreditation Module

_Transportación to and from the Congress venue

_ Gastronomic Offer in the Congress space

_ Publication in the Memoirs with ISBN

_ Certification with academic credit

_ Access to the purchase of a tourist excursion (Bariay day 28, Gibara day 29)

The pre and post event courses will cost 150.00 MN

To register, contact:

Organizing Committee. House of Ibero-America. Arias No. 161 between Maceo and Libertad. Telephones: (5324) 427714 and (5324) 427715.



- For foreign delegates:

Congress registration fee 100.00 USD, registration for pre-congress courses 50.00 USD, managed through our official tour operator, the Paradiso Cultural Tourism Agency by contacting Mr. Emilio Ortiz Suárez. Commercial Specialist of the Paradiso Travel Agency. Email:

This includes the certificate of participation in the Congress and the Party.

Waiting to meet your professional expectations.

Organizing Committee.


For more information and publication, send the works to Emails:,



Submission of works with all their rules: August 30, 2023

Notification of acceptances: September 15, 2023

Payment of the registration fee: From September 15 to October 15, 2023

This payment can be made to the account of the Casa de Iberoamérica:

0669641144120211, from the transfermóvil platform

For more information:

- MSc. Barbara Martinez Pupo


WhatsApp: (+53) 55084207

- Msc Yaimara Lidia Almaguer Cardenas


WhatsApp: (+53) 58244763