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Chinese Community

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Jan 22 (acn) The Chinese community in Cuba will mark the New Lunar Year,
from Friday January 22nd through February 7th, with a large
array of cultural activities.

The event, also known as Spring Festival, is being sponsored by the Confucius Institute
at the Havana University, the Chung Wah Casino Federation and the Center of
Chinese Arts and Traditions; these two latter ones based at Havana€ ¦´s

Teresa Maria Lee, who leads the Center of Chinese Arts and Traditions, told reporters
that the event is considered one of the most important ones in China and it is
marked by Chinese communities in many countries.

The festival includes a photo exhibit sponsored by the Chinese embassy in Havana; Martial
Arts exhibitions, as well as colorful parades of symbolic Chinese characters
such as lions and dragons.

Havana´s Chinatown, close to the old section of the city, boasts of a series of
services like restaurants and centers that help keep Chinese cultural traditions
alive for the descendants of the immigrants from that nation and also for the
enjoyment of all the people.

Abel González Alayón

Chief-Editor Language Department

Cuban News Agency

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