Monday, January 5, 2015

How to travel to Cuba from US
Special info for US citizens
December 17th 2014 opened a new era for the US-Cuba relationship.
President Obama will move as soon as January 2015 to defang the 54-year-old American trade embargo against Cuba, using broad executive power to defy critics in Congress and lift restrictions on travel, commerce and financial activities.

Treasury and Commerce Department officials are moving quickly to tear down regulatory barriers to Americans’ ability to travel, conduct financial dealings and export products to Cuba, officials said.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control at the Treasury Department will scrap a measure that requires people who are already eligible for travel to Cuba to receive special permission from the government for trips such as those involving family visits, professional, religious or cultural programs and humanitarian projects. More info here.

If you already have a permission to travel to Cuba, please click here for knowing what to do and your best trip options.

Until and if the remaining aspects of the Cuba travel restrictions are lifted by the U.S. government or if you don´t have the permission and still want to travel to Cuba without asking for one, please click here for knowing what to do and for your best trip options through a third country.
US citizens with a permission to travel to Cuba, follow these steps
More Info here
Ask for a Cuban visa at Cuban Interest Section in Washington, D.C.
Contact info:
Tel: (202) 797 8518 to 20
Fax: (202) 797 8521
Address: 2630 16 St. N W. Washington D. C. 20009

This is wrong. You get your visa or tourist card from the airline or a travel service provider.
Air tickets to and from Cuba
You should make your airline reservation from your city of departure to any of the international airports in Cuba. 
What you would like to do in Cuba
Here is where we can serve you best. We can offer you accommodation, transfers, tour packages, excursions, car rentals and/or any other land services you might like. Within 24 hours we will get back to you with a confirmation of your requests. We do also provide in site assistance.
US citizens without a permission to travel to Cuba, follow these steps
More Info here
What you need before coming to Cuba
All you need is a valid passport. You can purchase a Cuban tourist card at any airport counter outside the US that has flights to Cuba.
Air tickets to and from Cuba
You should book your flight to a third country like Cancun or Nassu in such a way as to make a connection with one of the daily flights from there to Cuba. We at can take your reservation online, confirm it, go through the payment process and send you the electronic tickets by email.

For reservations click here
What you would like to do in Cuba
This is where we can do the most for you. From hotel reservations to car and bicycle rentals, to tickets for events, to guided tours, to meeting facilities, to whatever there is to do in Cuba, we are the ones to make it happens. Within 24 hours we will confirm by email, whatever reservations you have requested.

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