Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ely Chapter of Chicago / Lambda Alpha International

Sustainable Planned Communities & Cuban Society Mission

Mission to the Republic of Cuba - January 2013
Authorized by the US Department of Treasury
Office of Foreign Assets Control /Cuban Travel Program - People to People Missions

Havana City, Las Terrasas, Pinar Del Rio, Trinidad, Cienfuegos
January 6 to January 13, 2013

Dear Members and Colleagues:
You are invited to participate in an exclusive mission to The Republic of Cuba. January 6 to January 13, 2013; 8 Days and 7 Nights, Four Star Accommodations, Old Havana Hotels, Full Schedule of events and activities.

The Department of the Treasury, its Office of Foreign Assets Control, under the Cuba Travel Program, has issued The Ely Chapter of Chicago a People to People Travel License for thee purpose to engage in educational exchanges with the people of Cuba and its institutions.
Under the auspices of The Ely Chapter of Chicago, individuals will engage in educational and professional exchanges and participate in a series of activities focused in the topics of Land Economics, Land Use, Planned Communities, Community Development, Sustainability Projects and other related areas. If you have any questions and to confirm your interest and participation call the coordinator now at 312-545-3821.

Mission to Cuba 2013

Havana City, Las Terrazas, Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos, and Historical Trinidad
All mission Delegates will depart from Miami International Airport in Miami Florida on Sunday January 6, 2013. Check-In required before 1:00 PM, flight will depart 3:00 PM. The Mission includes 8 days 7 nights, returning to Miami International Airport Sunday January 13, 5:30 PM.
Mission Cost includes the following: Full Day Schedule, Four Star Lodging, airport transfers, mission documentation, licensing and processing, Cuban VISA, Exit Airport fees, all scheduled events, activities breakfast, lunch and dinners. All ground transportation, medical insurance, professional guides, 24/7 medical services, 24/7 personalized services, luggage fees up to 50 lbs. per delegate, travel package, luggage and individual tags. Charter Flight from Miami, FL to Havana City, Cuba is included. Travel Package Insurance, Internet Access, Cell Phone Use and Items not on Schedule are Available but not Included in Final Cost.

Requirements: US Passport valid to Feb 1, 2013 and Individual Data and Documentation.

Single Room Occupancy Per Person Mission Cost US Dollars: $ 3,990.00
Double Room Occupancy Per Person Mission Cost US Dollars: $ 3,790.00

To reserve delegate participation and


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  2. Cuba is a very good place.I hear about this place and you invite us to participate in an exclusive mission to The Republic of Cuba taht's a very great news.I am a employee of IPS-institute that provide distance education program to the professionals in international level.