Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sustainable Agriculture Trips Receive License

NEEM receives coveted “People to People” license for exchange with Cubans with initial research delegations in December 7 & 28, 2012”

Durham, North Carolina – September 17, 2012– NEEM is public/private partnership replicating the Cuban Model of Agroecological and Sustainable Agriculture at Organoponico 

NEEM; an “Off the Grid” 11.2 acre FSA/USDA urban farm located in Durham. 

NEEM announces receipt of its “People to People Exchange” license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control Department of Treasury for travel to Cuba. This license allows NEEM to bring delegates to Cuba focusing on Agricultural& food security issues. NEEM led Delegations are hosted by founders of the island-wide agroecological movement responsible for creation of 33,000 urban farms and 480,000 jobs. 

“People to People is in keeping with our mission and vision. It is an expression of our work on sustainability and Cuba since 1996 in Durham, Washington and Havana to effect positive change between our two countries. We are honored to be one of so few licenses issued and our hope is that other applications and renewals are approved. Change will only occur through dialogue. In the meantime, we look forward to take a broad range of Americans to Cuba in the spirit of the license and sustainable concepts”. JA Ensminger 

NEEM promotes sustainable community development and use of disused properties for sustainable production as an economic development component and Farming as an honorable alternative profession in the low income communities in Durham. NEEM addresses food security, obesity, nutrition, early on-set diabetes and promotes sustainable concepts while providing access to fresh food in absolute food deserts. Projects since inception are in public schools, churches, parks, yards, historic sites & greenhouses in the most challenging communities. NEEMs profile is 100% sustainable production for those who socio-economically would not have access.  

"An important biological species is at risk of disappearing due to the rapid and progressive elimination of its natural habitat: MAN” (social media is on homepage) 

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