Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Cumulative Resource List from our newsletters

September 22, 2020

"The Wasp Network"Netflix is airing a well done docudrama about the Cuban Five, promo and trailer hereAnya Parampil speaks about the film with René González, the leader of the team sent to spy on anti-Cuba organizations in Miami, video here


Rafael Hernandez: Cuba-U.S. Relations for Beginners, I - IV
The best introduction to an unfinished story compiled from On Cuba here

"Cuba is Staying Strong" article by Tony Perrottet, great pictures by Andrew Jacobs, Wall Street Journal magazine

"Raising the American flag in Cuba again" Commentary by Travis Olsen, U.S. Interests Section/U.S. Embassy 2015-2018

"Why Does One of Old Havana’s Busiest Streets Have an Irish Name?" article by Giselle Gonzalez Garcia, in StartupCuba.tv

Letter to Candidate Joe Biden from 127 organizations calling for a New Good Neighbor Policy

"Five key questions about Cuba in the current US election campaign" by Arturo López-Levy for the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

"What to Make of Cuba’s Planned Economic Reforms?" discussion with Julio Carranza, Omar Everleny Pérez, Pedro Monreal, Mauricio de Miranda Parrondo in On Cuba News; statement by Cuba Study Group; interview by Center for Democracy in the Americas with Ricardo Torres Pérez compiled here

"Analysis on the economic-social strategy approved by the Cuban government" by OnCuba staff with Julio Carranza, Juan Triana, Mauricio de Miranda, Oniel Díaz and Tamarys L. Bahamonde,

"From both sides of the Atlantic: questions and reflections on Cuba's present and future" by Roberto Veiga Gonzalez, an interview with the former leader of Espacio Laical and Cuba Possible (Spanish and English versions)


July 17, 2020

Camerata Romeu sends a warm musical greeting, a brief Covid-19 home concert, to US friends

"Wasp Network" is a politically balanced docudrama about the Cuban Five now airing on Netflix, promo and trailer here.

"North of Havana" is a new book by Martin Garbus, the prominent trial lawyer responsible for the legal appeals of the Five. His presentation at the Brennan Center for Justice of New York University can be seen on C-SPAN's Book TV

"Four Seasons in Havana" captures on Netflix the political nuances and drama of Leonardo Padura's first four novels featuring police lieutenant Conde during the Special Period, promo and trailers here (Spanish with English subtitles)

Irish traditional music in Cuba can be seen in privately accessible videos of performances by Mick Moloney and The Green Fields of America accompanied by Cuban players in Holguin and Santiago here and it Havana celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Ireland (lower quality video recording) here.

How Did Viet Nam and the US End the Embargo and Normalize Relations in Twenty Years? July 11th was the 25th anniversary. FFRD organized webinars with practitioners from both countries discussing their work between 1975 and 1995, program and links here.


Nuevos Espacios a monthly blog from the Cuba Study Group was introduced here Like CSG's weekly newsletter it captures pro-engagement but critical forward thinking in the Cuban American community

"Cuban agriculture: Decentralization urgently needed" by Armando Nova González in Progreso Weekly (Good international studies of the market based transformation of Vietnamese agriculture from localized near famine to export powerhouse are available herehere and here.)

"Cuban emigrants and the political culture of exile" by Rafael Hernandez, editor of Temas, in On Cuba News published in Florida

"Cardinal Dolan meets with Cuban President Diaz-Canel in Havana" Catholic News Service February 13, 2020

"The Cuban American Vote in 2020: Will it Go for Trump?" by Michael J. Bustamante Havana Times June 3, 2020

Op Eds by retired ambassadors Vicki Huddleston in The Palm Beach Post July 12, 2020 and Jeffrey Delaurentis in the Miami Herald June 30, 2020


September 19, 2019

Personal Notes: Diversity In and About Cuba Political observations of the moment and discussion of three pro reform Cuban blogs listed below click here

People to People Diplomacy:  A step, not a solution My paper presented at Ultimo Jueves here

Cuba Central News Brief weekly from Center for Democracy in the Americas click here

Progreso Weekly Newsletter blog here The economic crisis here

Joven Cuba Purpose here Full blog here Weekly English translations here

Cuba Study Group Purpose here Current newsletter here

Cuba Posible Final post with links to archives here

"How American Evangelicals Helped Stop Same-Sex Marriage in Cuba" published by the blog VICE

"Cuba Libre: Che, Fidel and the Improbable Revolution that Changed World History", a new book by Australian author Tony Perrottet http://tonyperrottet.com/cubalibre/

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