Monday, October 12, 2020

Consequences of the Presidential Election


Consequences of the Election

for Cuba Travel and

Educational Exchange


President Trump


·         Destroyed cruises to Cuba


·         Blocked flights from the US to regional cities


·         Terminated group tours


·         Forbad Americans to use all hotels


·         Blocked most independent travel


·         Impeded cultural exchanges and conferences


·         Prevented faculty led introductory trips for students


·         Frustrated Cuban travel to the US for family visits and immigration,

for study and for professional exchanges by closing consular authority


·         Restricted remittances and family investments


·         Minimized US governmental contact and impact by emptying the embassy


·         Opened the door to greater Russian and Chinese presence and influence



Vice President Biden     


·         Has promised to undo this damage


·         Makes possible passage of Leahy/McGovern legislation to end all restrictions on

travel, opening normal tourism and resort holidays


·         Supports economic reforms and private sector growth initiated by Cuba.


·         Will multiply cultural exchanges like Jill Biden's visit to Camaguey and Havana,

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