Given the trade embargo between the United States and Cuba, you may be surprised to learn that the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is organizing a February trip to Cuba.
The public is invited to go along.
The Chamber's "Discover Cuba" tour costs $3,599 per person.
Tour guides from Chamber Explorations will lead the trip. Chamber Explorations is licensed to provide educational trips to Cuba.
The company specializes in offering first-class travel accommodations to Chambers of Commerce members throughout the United States.
The U.S. Department of Treasury has authorized the group to lead trips to Cuba on the condition that the trip is primarily focused on cultural exchange.
Such trips were legalized in early 2011, when President Obama revived a Clinton-era exemption to the Cuba embargo.
Anyone who is interested in participating in the Cocoa Beach Chamber's trip to Cuba should contact Linda Webster, the Chamber's CEO, by calling 321-459-2200.
Webster described the trip as a learning opportunity. "It's really an opportunity to learn about the Cuban people and how Cuba is now," she said. "It's an exciting trip, because it's not something you can do on your own. You need a special visa."
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