Friday, August 29, 2014

Organic Agriculture at Thanksgiving (low cost)

Thanksgiving in Cuba?

Looking for something more interesting to do this Thanksgiving than watch football and eat too much? How about an in-person, behind-the-scenes look at Cuba's organic revolution?

Join a group of passionate explorers and researchers, food production and policy professionals as they travel the cities and farms of Cuba, November 21-30. Be prepared to transform your vision of sustainable food chains and cooperatives, in a country with a long and colorful history of agricultural reform.

Two decades ago Cuba  was the first country to convert from industrial agriculture to organic agriculture.  Today it is converting a major part of its economy to cooperatives.  Learn how this island nation is striving for food sovereignty as it reorganizes its economy.  Visit organic gardens and cooperatives, both urban and rural, an ecological zone, a community project.  Talk with specialists in sustainable agriculture, the Cuban economy, its health system, US-Cuban relations, and more.  Experience Cuban culture and the vibrancy of its people in this 10 day trip hosted by Havana's Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center.  Sponsored by the Center for Global Justice and Via Organica along with Organic Consumers Association.

Estimated cost of $1550 plus airfare (from either Miami  or Mexico City) includes dormitory style accommodations and all meals at MLK Center, translation, guide, transportation and a full program of activities.  For applications and further information, contact

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