Saturday, July 6, 2013

On-line booking for Cuban Hotels

Only available to Cuban Americans, until the President gives all purposeful travelers a general license....

Umbrella Travel Launches Social Media Campaign

Keeping up-to-date is ever important with advancing technology, especially when planning a vacation. Umbrella Travel is now present on social media to keep people informed when booking a hotel in Cuba.

Umbrella Travel
Umbrella Travel helps people book hotels in Cuba.
(PRWEB) July 06, 2013
With the summer season underway, many people start looking for vacation opportunities, typically at the last moment, and when those last minutes arrive finding great deals can be a challenge. For that reason, Umbrella Travel has recently launched a social media campaign to keep people up-to-date on the best deals, even at the last possible minute for booking a stay in Cuba hotels.
One online customer said that being as a Cuban American it is typically harder to book a vacation in Cuba, but they were able to find what that wanted through Umbrella Travel and was able to comfortably book a vacation and find a place to stay while vacationing in Cuba.
Umbrella Travel has started to focus on social media such as Facebook to help people find the best deals on Cuba hotels as well as sharing many vacation success stories. They share information about Cuban hotels that focus on certain cities such as Cayo Santa Maria hotels, which is a popular destination when visiting Cuba.
Twitter is also another popular social media source that keeps people up-to-date and Umbrella Travel is present with constant updates. They give great information about the communities as well as their hotels including the popular Havana hotels.
Umbrella Travel is also present on the new and upcoming Google Plus social media finding the best quality Cuban hotels, as well as important hotel announcements which permit people to +1 the posts and comments.
Cuba openly receives thousands of vacationers each year from around the world which speak many different languages, and for that reason, Umbrella Travel works hard to provide lodging opportunities to an international cliental by submitting bilingual posts on their social medias both English and Spanish. These bilingual posts help keep a large audience informed on the great deals that are available for the many Cuban hotels in Cuba.
The summer may be quickly passing by, but there is still time to book a last minute vacation to Cuba and to find a place to stay in Cuba for great memories and relaxation. Be sure to check out and like, or follow Umbrella Travel on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for the latest information on Cuban hotels.

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