Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FRD Licensed to Organize P2P Travel

Just about the time the log jam broke on people to people license renewals, the Fund for Reconciliation and Development finally received its charter for the first time from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

FRD will collaborate with  not-for-profit organizations and others who want to undertake substantive trips that provide a real opening to Cuba's multidimensional history and culture, foster mutual understanding and help both countries move toward normal diplomatic, educational and economic relations.

We are directly undertaking programs that focus on expanding exchange opportunities for university and high school students, the Irish and Celtic Heritage in Cuba, and understanding the impact of the non-state sector and international tourism.

While I am very pleased to receive a people to people license, I believe the system of OFAC licensing is inherently flawed and politicized.   I urge everyone  to press the Administration to end licensing restrictions on all purposeful travel as this petition calls for

Group tours offer one form of people to people travel, particularly good for institutional access.  Of equal value will be self-directed trips under a general license by back packers and families who can utilize public transportation, rent cars, pick up hitchhikers and patronize privately owned bed and breakfasts and restaurants.

For further information, contact FRD founder and executive director John McAuliff, director@ffrd.org, 914-231-6270.

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