Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Kind of People to People Travel Barred to Americans

Not available in the group tours mandated by OFAC:
Nick Hewer
“For me the best kind of adventure holiday is when you let yourself fall back on your own resources. When I visited Cuba I had only just landed and was immediately offered a room in someone’s villa and people were incredibly kind. One family even took me to a baseball game. Old Havana is incredible, of course, but you can travel everywhere by bus and one time I hired a horse and a guide and trekked around the interior. But perhaps my most memorable experience was finding myself at a dance party in Santiago de Cuba surrounded by about 2,000 kids. Quite intimidating actually. But I hired two of the kids to look after me just in case and all was well.”
Nick Hewer is best-known for his role advising Lord Sugar on the hit television series The Apprentice and recently became the host of Channel 4’s Countdown.

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