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Commercial Flight Schedules March/April

Marazul Tours, Inc.
1 Marine Plaza, Suite 302, North Bergen NJ 07047
1-800-223-5334 / 201-319-1054 / Fax: 201-319-8970

Reservations can be made by contacting MARAZUL or directly on-line with the carriers.

            Miami to Havana                   4X DAILY                                           MAR/APR
                        AA 17              MIA/HAV        7:15a-8:31a
                        AA 1447          MIA/HAV        9:28a-10:45a                                      
                        AA 1345          MIA/HAV        1:21p-2:34p
                        AA 2699          MIA/HAV        3:19p-4:33p

            Havana to Miami                   4X DAILY                                           MAR
                        AA 2678          HAV/MIA        9:30a-10:42a
                        AA 1334          HAV/MIA        11:45a-12:55p
                        AA 2482          HAV/MIA        3:30p-4:43p    
                        AA 2696          HAV/MIA        5:30p-6:46p

                        AA 2678          HAV/MIA        8:45a-10:05a                           APR
                        AA 1334          HAV/MIA        1:05p-2:20p
                        AA 2482          HAV/MIA        5:25p-6:45p
                        AA 2696          HAV/MIA        8:50p-10:05p
            CHARLOTTE to Havana                  DAILY                                    MAR/APR
                        AA 801                        CLT/HAV        8:50a-11:18a
                        AA 802                        HAV/CLT        12:45p-3:10p

            NYC (JFK) to Havana                                   DAILY                                   
                        B6 243             JFK/HAV         8:58a-1:05p                             MAR
                        B6 243             JFK/HAV         9:23a-1:05P                             APR
                        B6 242             HAV/JFK         2:35p-5:58p                             MAR/APR                  

            FORT LAUDERDALE to Havana     2 DAILY                                
                        B6 1499           FLL/HAV        12:14p-1:45p                           MAR
                        B6 1499           FLL/HAV        1:49p-3:15p                             APR
                        B6 1500           HAV/FLL        4:45p-6:05p                             MAR/APR

                        B6 799             FLL/HAV        7:54a-9:15a                             MAR/APR
                        B6 800             HAV/FLL        10:45a-12:02p                         MAR/APR

            ORLANDO to Havana                                   DAILY                                   
                        B6 503             MCO/HAV       8:26a-10:00a                           MAR
                        B6 503             MCO/HAV       10:45a-12:15p                         APR
                        B6 1004           HAV/MCO       1:45p-3:12p                             MAR/APR

            NYC (JFK) to Havana                       DAILY                                                MAR/APR
                        DL 651                        JFK/HAV         8:01a-11:55a
                        DL 620                        HAV/JFK         12:55p-4:00p

            ATLANTA to Havana                        DAILY                                                MAR/APR
                        DL 639                        ATL/HAV        11:15a-1:25p
                        DL 648                        HAV/ATL        2:25p-4:29p

            MIAMI to Havana                  DAILY                                                MAR/APR
                        DL 625                        MIA/HAV        8:59a-10:15a  
                        DL 650                        HAV/MIA        11:15a-12:20p

            Newark to Havana                 DAILY                                                MAR/APR
                        UA 1502          EWR/HAV       10:18a-1:53p
                        UA 1503          HAV/EWR       2:53-6:13p

            Houston to Havana                            SATURDAY ONLY                 MAR
                        UA 1506          IAH/HAV        10:23a-1:53p
                        UA 1507          HAV/IAH        2:53p-4:43p
                        UA 1506          IAH/HAV        12:30p-4:00p                           APR
                        UA 1507          HAV/IAH        5:30p-7:15p


            LOS ANGELES to Havana                DAILY                                    MAR/APR
                        AS 286            LAX/HAV       8:50a-4:55p
                        AS 287            HAV/LAX       5:55p-8:45p

            SEATTLE to Havana                         DAILY                                    MAR/APR
                        AS 286             SEA/HAV        5:00a-4:55p     1 stop (LAX)
                        AS 287            HAV/SEA        5:55p-2:30a     1 stop (LAX)

Flight originates in Seattle via B737-900         

FRONTIER AIRLINES          Connecting flights and fares available from DENVER TO MIAMI

            Miami to Havana                   DAILY                                                MAR/APR/MAY                                                         F9 14   MIA/HAV        8:45a-9:53a
            Havana to Miami                   DAILY                                                MAR/APR/MAY
                        F9 15               HAV/MIA        10:55a-12:03p

            Fort Lauderdale to Havana               2X DAILY                               MAR/APR
                        WN 3922         FLL/HAV        11:55a-1:00p
                        WN 3920         FLL/HAV        4:00p-5:05p

            Havana to Fort Lauderdale               2X DAILY                               MAR
                        WN 3921         HAV/FLL        8:30a-9:40a
                        WN 3923         HAV/FLL        2:00p-3:10p
                        WN 3921         HAV/FLL        9:15a-10:20a                           APR
                        WN 3923         HAV/FLL        2:30p-3:30p

            Tampa to Havana                              2X DAILY                              
                        WN 3952         TPA/HAV        6:15a-7:30a                             MAR
                        WN 3952         TPA/HAV        7:00a-8:15a                             APR

            Havana to Tampa                              2X DAILY                               MAR/APR
                        WN 3953         HAV/TPA        6:05p-7:25p


            Fort Lauderdale to Havana               2X DAILY                               MAR/APR
                                                FLL/HAV        10:25a-11:40a
                                                FLL/HAV        3:31p-4:45p

            Havana to Fort Lauderdale               2X DAILY                               MAR/APR
                                                HAV/FLL        12:40p-1:52p
                                                HAV/FLL        5:45p-6:57p

Commercial flights from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to other cities in Cuba

Miami to Matanzas / Varadero (Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport) 
                           MIAMI / VARADERO           via A319 / 144 seats                                                                          MAR/APR
                                    AA 2741                            MIA/VRA                          9:56a-11:15a               Check-in at 7:01a                            
                           VARADERO / MIAMI           via A319 / 144 seats                  
                                    AA 2742                            VRA/MIA                          12:15p-1:22p              Check-in at 9:15a

Miami to Santa Clara             (Abel Santamaría Airport)                      2 daily round-trip      

                           MIAMI / SANTA CLARA     via B737-800 / 160 seats                                                                
                                    AA 2751                            MIA/SNU                           3:21p-4:30p                Check-in at 12:06p MAR/APR

                           SANTA CLARA / MIAMI     via B737-800 / 160 seats                                     
                                    AA 2750                            SNU/MIA                           6:00p-7:20p                Check-in at 3:00p  MAR/APR

Miami to Cienfuegos   (Jaime González Airport)                        Daily                          

                           MIAMI / CIENGUEGOS      via A319 / 144 seats                                                                          MAR
                                    AA 903                               MIA/CFG                           9:59a-11:24a               Check-in at 7:00a
                                    AA 903                               MIA/CFG                           10:00a-11:25a            Check in at 7:00a   APR

                           CIENFUEGOS / MIAMI       via A319 / 144 seats     
                                    AA 1096                            CFG/MIA                           12:30p-1:44p              Check-in at 9:30a
                                    AA 4574                            CFG/MIA                           5:58p-7:11p                Check -in at 2:58p

Miami to Holguin  (Frank País Airport)                                                Daily                          

                           MIAMI / HOLGUIN              via B737-800 / 160 seats
                                    AA 1041                            MIA/HOG                          10:26a-12:05p            Check-in at 7:26a   Mar/Apr

                           HOLGUIN  / MIAMI             via B737-800 / 160 seats                                     
                                    AA 1482                            HOG/MIA                          1:10p-2:47p                Check-in at 10:10a  Mar/Apr

Miami to Camaguey  (Ignacio Agramonte Airport)                    Daily                          

                           MIAMI / CAMAGUEY          via A319 / 144 seats                                                                          Mar/Apr
                                    AA 2745                            MIA/CMW                        2:40p-4:01p                Check-in at 11:40a

                           CAMAGUEY / MIAMI          via A319 / 144 seats     
                                    AA 1356                            CMW/MIA                        5:20p-6:49p                Check-in at 2:20p

AA Baggage policy
Up to 5 pieces of luggage or boxes totally no more than 500 lbs /
$25 first bag checked / $40 second bag / $150 for third / $200 for fourth and fifth bag
Overweight and oversize charges apply for any bag exceeding 50 lbs and has linear dimensions more than 62 inches. Overweight limit per bag of 100 lbs and 126 linear inches.
First and second bags are free for passengers in first class, business, or with elite status.
IMPORTANT; from Nov 19-Jan 6, 2017, excess, oversize, and overweight luggage and boxes will not be accepted.


Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara 
                       FORT LAUDERDALE / SANTA CLARA                           MON / WED / FRI     via A320 / 162 seats 
                           B6 387                                        FLL/SNU                            10:50a-12:02p            Check-in at 7:50a
                       SANTA CLARA / FORT LAUDERDALE                           MON / WED / FRI     via A320 / 162 seats 
                           B6 388                                        SNU/FLL                            1:15P-2:35p                Check-in at 8am

                  Baggage policy:                       One bag free up to 50 lbs. Overweight charge for 50-70 lbs.
                                    Up to 64 linear inches. Overweigh charge for 64-84 linear inches.
                                    $25 first bag checked / $40 second bag. Waived if Elite Status or 1st class
                       JET BLUE with SILVER AIRWAYS                                                                           
                           FORT LAUDERDALE / SANTA CLARA                      SAT                                 via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 100                              FLL/SNU                            12:20p-2:00p              Check-in at 9:20a
                           FORT LAUDERDALE / SANTA CLARA                      MON / THU                 via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 100                              FLL/SNU                            7:45a-9:26a                 Check-in at 4:45a
                           SANTA CLARA / FORT LAUDERDALE                      SAT                                 via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 101                              SNU/FLL                            3:00p-4:41p                Check-in at 12noon

                           SANTA CLARA / FORT LAUDERDALE                      MON / THU                 via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 101                              SNU/FLL                            10:16a-11:57a            Check-in at 7:16am

                  Baggage policy:          One free carry-on up to 40 lbs + 1 personal item.
                                    $35 first bag checked / $50 second bag. Limit 50 lbs each.

          (via SAAB 340B – 34 seats)        

Fort Lauderdale to Camaguey           5 x week –                               Mar/until Apr 22

                           FORT LAUDERDALE / CAMAGUEY              TUE  / THU / SAT                     via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 104                              FLL/CMW                         1:00p-2:53p                Check-in at 10:00a
                           CAMAGUEY  / FORT LAUDERDALE             TUE / THU / SAT                    via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 105                              CMW/FLL                         3:35p-5:25p                Check-in at 12:35p
Fort Lauderdale-Cienfuegos  2 x week – M, F                      Mar/ until Apr 22

                           FORT LAUDERDALE / CIENFUEGOS          MONDAY                                   via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 106                              FLL/CFG                            11:25a-1:43p              Check-in at 8:25a
                           CIENFUEGOS  / FORT LAUDERDALE         FRIDAY                                      via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 107                              CFG/FLL                            2:33p-4:53p                Check-in at 10:33a

Fort Lauderdale to Holguin               DAILY                        Mar/ until Apr 22

                           FORT LAUDERDALE / HOLGUIN                  DAILY                                          via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 108                              FLL/HOG                           8:50a-10:54a               Check-in at 5:50a
                           HOLGUIN  / FORT LAUDERDALE                 DAILY                                        via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 109                              HOG/FLL                           11:04a-1:10p              Check-in at 8:04a

Fort Lauderdale to Santiago  Sun, W, Th, Fri,                      Mar/ until Apr 22

                           FORT LAUDERDALE / SANTIAGO                                                                      via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 98                                 FLL/SCU                            9:40a-11:58a               Check-in at 6:40a
                           SANTIAGO  / FORT LAUDERDALE                                                                     via SAAB 340B / 34 seats
                                    3M 99                                 SCU/FLL                            1:10p-3:30p                Check-in at 9:10a

SILVER AIRWAYS Baggage policy:            
One free carry-on up to 40 lbs + 1 personal item.  $35 first bag checked / $50 second bag. Limit 50 lbs each.

            Fort Lauderdale to Varadero            2X DAILY via 737-700 / 143 seats      Mar
                        WN 3914         FLL/VRA         11:00a-12:00p
                        WN 3916         FLL/VRA         2:55p-3:55p

            Varadero to Fort Lauderdale            2X DAILY                                           Mar
                        WN 3915         VRA/FLL         1:00p-2:05p
                        WN 3917         VRA/FLL         4:55p-6:00p

Fort Lauderdale-Santa Clara                        1 daily round-trip                                PENDING


To other Cuban cities
Minneapolis –Santa Clara                  1 x week -Su                via B737 / 126-162 seats
Minneapolis – Matanzas/Varadero    1 x week – Sa              via B737 / 126-162 seats         

An agreement between the U.S. and Cuba was signed in February for the resumption – after more than 50 years – of regular airline flights to Cuba.

This agreement allows up to 110 regular daily round-trip flights in and out of Cuba. This includes 20 daily flights to Havana and 10 daily flights to other airports on the island.


Cuban visas

Cuban Tourist Card-Visa which can be obtained through a US travel service provider:
Applicable for stays 30 days and less.
Can be renewed in Cuba for additional 30 days through a Cuban immigration office at an additional fee
Not applicable for anyone born in Cuba

COST (subject to change):
$55 per person for those making air and/or land arrangements through Marazul
$75 per person for those only getting visas through Marazul
Cost does not include FedEx charge ($25) for delivery

JetBlue $50 at the airport (JFK or Fort Lauderdale) 
Delta $50 at the airport (JFK or Atlanta or Miami) 
United $50 at the airport (EWR) plus $25 CTS service fee
American $50 at the airport plus $50 CTS service fee
$50 plus $35 CTS service fee plus $40 delivery fee if secured through CTS prior to departure 
Alaska Does not provide visa. 
Spirit Does not provide visa.
Southwest $50 at the airport plus service fee

Silver $75 at the airport

There are several special purpose Cuban visas or entry documents:

The following must be arranged and applied for via Marazul (HE-11 Permits and assistance with 
Cuban passports) or the Cuban Embassy in Washington or through an educational or religious 
institution or the appropriate Ministry in Cuba
HE-11 Permits For Cuban born travelers who left Cuba prior to 1971 and hold U.S. citizenship
Habilitated valid Cuban passport: For Cuban born travelers
Press Visas For working journalists and support personnel 
Business Visas For business people exploring business possibilities or engaging in business 
Academic Visas For those taking classes in Cuba or for academics conducting research 
and need special access (archives, libraries, etc)
Religious Visas For those traveling on religious missions and/or members of the clergy officiating 
at services in Cuba
MINSAP Visas For health professionals engaging in professional activities and services
MINREX Visas For guests of the Cuban Government