Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Havana to Santiago October 19-28

Carleton College Class of ‘64

(draft program, open to a limited number of others with similar interests)

Duration 11 days and 10 nights
Dates Sunday October 19 to Wednesday October 29, 2014

•     Hotel Melia Cohiba, 5 stars, Havana
•     Hotel E Mascotte or E Barcelona, 3 stars, Remedios
•     Hotel Grand Hotel Camagüey, 3 stars, Camagüey
•     Hotel Odoño, 3 stars, Gibara
•     Hotel Casa Granda, 4 stars, Santiago

Island transportation Luxury tour coach and full time driver.

Day 1- Sunday October/19 Fly from Cancun to Havana  (Dinner)
Hotel Melia Cohiba standard rooms
8.00 PM dinner at Arte Chef with mojito demonstration

Day 2- Monday October/20   Havana (Breakfast and Lunch)
9.00 AM Meeting at hotel on economic/social change arranged by San Cristóbal
10.30 AM Visit to Regla; church with N'sila Cheche performance at municipal museum
Ferry to Habana Vieja
1.00 PM   Lunch at Plaza Vieja Restaurant
 Visit to one Primary School (if approved by Ministry of Education)
 Afternoon walking tour of Habana Vieja, talk by one specialist of Office of Historian City
 (If time, handicraft market)
6.00 PM encounter with counterparts, reception at Casa de la Amistad
Dinner on own        

Day 3- Tuesday October/21 Havana (Breakfast and Lunch)
9.00 AM Meeting at hotel on bilateral relations arranged by San Cristóbal
10.00 AM bus tour to Plaza de la Revolución, Miramar business center
1.00 PM                  Lunch at El Aljibe, included
2.00 PM                  Visit neighborhood clinic
Hemingway home
Dinner on own
8.00 PM                 Attend a performance of Opera de la Calle, included

Day 4- Wednesday October/22 Havana/ Santa Clara (Breakfast and Lunch)
8.00 AM Drive to Santa Clara
 Lunch at Santa Rosalía, included
2.00 PM                  University of Villa Clara (Agricultural School and Botanical Garden)
4.00 PM                  Che Memorial
Continue to hotel in Remedios  
Check In Hotel Mascotte or Barcelona
Dinner on your own       
Day 5- Thursday October/23 Santa Clara/ Camagüey (Breakfast and Lunch)
Visit Catholic Church San Juan Bautista with many social service programs
Visit to NaturArte Community Project
Lunch at Los Caneyes, included
Drive to Camagüey
Hotel Check in Grand Hotel Camagüey
Dinner on your own

Day 6- Friday October/24 Camagüey (Breakfast and Lunch)
Visit Camagüey area
Meeting with representatives of the Office of Historian City
Walking tour accompanied by specialist of this Office
Lunch at Santa María Restaurant, included
Panoramic tour of the city
Dinner on your own

Day 7- Saturday October/25 Camagüey/ Holguín/Gibara (Breakfast and Lunch)
8.00 AM Drive to Holguín
10.00 AM Visit nature center and park reputed to be landing site of Columbus
Visit to Chorro Maita Museum
Visit to Bariay, landing site of Columbus
Lunch at Cayo Bariay Restaurant
Enjoy Tanque Azul de Caletones   
Return to Gibara
Dinner on your own

Day 8- Sunday October/26 Holguín/ Santiago de Cuba (Breakfast and Lunch)
Drive to Santiago de Cuba
Lunch at EL Morro Restaurant, included
Panoramic tour of Santiago and its relevant places
Check in Hotel Casa Granda
Dinner on your own

Day 9- Monday October/27 Santiago de Cuba (Breakfast and Lunch)
Visit to Universidad de Oriente (Departments of Agricultural Sciences and of Construction)
Lunch at El Cayo, included
Visit to el Santuario El Cobre
Dinner on your own

Day 10- Tuesday October/28 Santiago/ Havana (Breakfast)
Time to rest waiting on flight confirmation
Domestic flight to Havana
Transfer to Hotel in Havana
Dinner on your own

Day 11- Wednesday October/29 Havana/ Home

Transfer out 

for further information, contact John McAuliff  <>

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