Friday, September 5, 2014

New Third Party Provider Offers Programs with Martin Luther King Center

Licensed study abroad in Cuba

The Autonomous University for Social Movements (AUSM) now has a license to
organize educational programs in Cuba.  

Our semester, summer and short term programs, focused on the History, Culture and Politics of Cuba, were managed previously under agreements with several accredited colleges and universities.  Thomas Hansen, PhD, our program coordinator, has 23 years of experience organizing educational programs in Cuba.

Our partner in Havana, the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Center, has 26 years of experience managing educational programs.  We are the only study abroad program in Cuba authorized to offer homestays for students and visiting professors.

Some of Cuba's leading academics and NGOs teach in a program that combines
academic rigor and experiential learning.  

We can accept students from accredited US institutions who are part of degree-granting programs for our 16-credit semester and 6-credit Summer programs.  We are also available to arrange short term accredited programs.  

For more information, see

Tom Hansen, PhD
Autonomous University of Social Movements
Albany Park Autonomous Center
Mexico Solidarity Network
3460 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
773 583 7728

Advisory:  Please send mail to

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