Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Types and Costs of Cuban Visas

Cuban Tourist Card-Visa which can be obtained through a US travel service provider:
Applicable for stays 30 days and less.
Can be renewed in Cuba for additional 30 days through a Cuban immigration office at an additional fee
Not applicable for anyone born in Cuba

COST (subject to change):
$55 per person for those making air and/or land arrangements through Marazul
$75 per person for those only getting visas through Marazul
Cost does not include FedEx charge ($25) for delivery

JetBlue $50 at the airport (JFK or Fort Lauderdale) 
Delta $50 at the airport (JFK or Atlanta or Miami) 
United $50 at the airport (EWR) plus $25 CTS service fee
American $50 at the airport plus $50 CTS service fee
$50 plus $35 CTS service fee plus $40 delivery fee if secured through CTS prior to departure 
Alaska Does not provide visa. 
Spirit Does not provide visa.
Southwest $50 at the airport plus service fee
Silver $75 at the airport

There are several special purpose Cuban visas or entry documents:

The following must be arranged and applied for via Marazul (HE-11 Permits and assistance with 
Cuban passports) or the Cuban Embassy in Washington or through an educational or religious 
institution or the appropriate Ministry in Cuba
HE-11 Permits For Cuban born travelers who left Cuba prior to 1971 and hold U.S. citizenship
Habilitated valid Cuban passport: For Cuban born travelers
Press Visas For working journalists and support personnel 
Business Visas For business people exploring business possibilities or engaging in business 
Academic Visas For those taking classes in Cuba or for academics conducting research 
and need special access (archives, libraries, etc)
Religious Visas For those traveling on religious missions and/or members of the clergy officiating 
at services in Cuba
MINSAP Visas For health professionals engaging in professional activities and services
MINREX Visas For guests of the Cuban Government

Prepared by Marazul.

Note:  Cuban tourist cards or visas are sometimes confused with US licenses which have twelve categories of authorized travel for US citizens.

Guidelines for individual P2P travel

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