Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cuba: Trinidad to Havana
Departure Date January 15-24, 2013
Trip Length 10 days/9 nights 
Price $4,798 Single + $750 On-tour Airfare $550
Travel to Cuba is highly limited. Please complete this interest profile and return to our office via email (jamen@countrywalkers.com) or fax (802.244.5661) as soon as possible to secure your spot! Or call for more details— 800.464.9255.
NEW Cuba—the country so rich in natural and human history—is finally open for a limited number of American cultural visitors in a “people-to-people” itinerary. People-to-people travel is a U.S. Department of the Treasury license category authorizing U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba on a limited basis to participate in cultural experiences with direct contact with the Cuban people. Both American and Cuban benefit by learning more about each other’s culture.
International Expeditions, the world leader in engaging and authentic nature travel, has been licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide people-to-people Cuba travel for U.S. citizens. Not only does this allow you to travel to Cuba legally, but you can experience Cuba in the most authentic way possible—through the eyes of its people.
This departure is specially crafted for Country Walkers, and we are delighted to present a unique and rewarding itinerary that combines walking with cultural exchange and education—bringing you to its most scenic and cultural locales and introducing you to Cubans—naturalists, volunteers, scientists, farmers, and artists. The Caribbean’s largest island is as diverse as it is beautiful; you walk some of the miles of beaches and vast ecologically protected areas, totaling 30 percent of the country, including the Zapata Wetlands and the Bay of Pigs.
Established as early as the 16th century as the main hub of Spanish colonial growth, guided walking tours wind through Cuba’s major cities—Havana, Trinidad, and Camaguey—which are rich in history and architecture reflecting its many periods, and now preserved as UNESCO World Heritage sites. You explore national parks, organic farms, and coffee plantations, meet tobacco producers, and travel by boat through Treasure Lake and hidden limestone caves, and of course listen to the ubiquitous sounds of Cuban music, on the streets or in performances. Warmly welcomed into tiny cafés or home-style restaurants, Cuban hospitality and food is authentic and generous at each stop on this unique itinerary.

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