Thursday, March 3, 2011

OFAC Regulations for Performances, Clinics, Workshops, Athletic and Other Competitions and Exhibitions

§ 515.567 Public performances, clinics,
workshops, athletic and other competitions,
and exhibitions.

 * * * * *

(b) Public performances, clinics, 
workshops, other athletic or non-athletic 
competitions, and exhibitions. Specific
licenses, including for multiple trips to
Cuba over an extended period of time,
may be issued on a case-by-case basis
authorizing the travel-related
transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and
other transactions that are directly
incident to participation in a public
performance, clinic, workshop, athletic
competition not covered by paragraph
(a) of this section, non-athletic
competition, or exhibition in Cuba by
participants in such activities, provided
(1) The event is open for attendance,
and in relevant situations participation,
by the Cuban public;
(2) All U.S. profits from the event
after costs are donated to an
independent nongovernmental
organization in Cuba or a U.S.-based
charity, with the objective, to the extent
possible, of promoting people-to-people
contacts or otherwise benefiting the
Cuban people; and
(3) Any clinics or workshops in Cuba 
must be organized and run, at least in 
part, by the licensee.


  1. Is a golf trip permissible? (Veradero Golf Course)

  2. The only way I can imagine is if you obtained a specific license for a sports event between US and Cuban golfers, but I suspect OFAC would not be helpful.

  3. If a group program is what you have in mind, you should contact Cuba's golf association and file an application. Ultimately OFAC responds to political direction from the White House. You might create a charity event that it would be possible for the golfer in chief to accept. Golf diplomacy?