Thursday, March 3, 2011

Common Ground Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to be able to again offer short term study programs and
field programs to Cuba as we did for many U.S. universities and schools
prior to 2004.


Under the new  regulations issued Jan. 24, we can again offer short term
programs for both undergraduate and graduate students, traveling with full
time, assistant, and adjunct professors.  The conditions are that the
programs must be for credit and that students must receive written
authorization from their university for their travel.  Applying for a
specific license from the U.S. Treasury Department is no longer required.
Consortium programs are  again available and possible.  Programs can be any
length of time.  


As previously, we can organize study programs in:  History, Literature,
Politics, Afro-Cuban Studies, Sociology, the Arts, Women's Studies,
Architecture, Community Planning & Development, Social Sciences, Political
Sciences, Philosophy, Public Health, Libraries, Social Work, Environmental
Studies, Education & Pedgagogy, Legal Studies, Cuban Studies, Religious
Studies & Theology, Business & Public Administration.  The programs can be
both general (Cuban Studies; Afro-Cuban Studies) or specific (History of the
Cuban Revolution; Afro-Cuban Women Writers of the 20th Century).  They can
be free standing programs or we can organize the program with a counterpart
organization or university in Cuba.  


Common Ground has relations with a wide range of Cuban counterpart
organizations:  The University of Havana, Casa de las Americas, Center for
Marti Studies, Center for Che Guevara, Cuban Union of Writers and Artists,
Office of the Historian, National Association of Cuban Teachers, National
Association of Cuban Nurses, National Association of Cuban Jurists,
Institute of Philosophy, Cuban Business Consulting Services, Cuban Institute
for Education Exchange, Center for women's Studies, and Ministries of Public
Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of
International Investment, and many others.  Programs can include lectures as
well as site visits and tours in all areas and regions of Cuba.  While some
programs can be university or institution based, others can be free
standing, as the U.S. universities and professors need.  


As many of you know who have worked with us, we are extremely experienced
and very well respected in Cuba as well as with study abroad colleagues with
whom we have worked in the U.S. and the professors who have led programs to
Cuba.  We can work with you to design programs, to set up the appropriate
contacts and relations with counterpart organizations in Cuba, to make all
of the logistical arrangements, and to ensure that the students are well
received and well protected throughout their stay in Cuba.  


Currently we are able to offer home stays as well as hotel accommodations in
Havana.  In the provinces we have a choice of hotels in city and suburban
settings.  The transportation we use is airconditioned and comfortable.  All
of our programs include medical/evacuation insurance to cover all
participants while in Cuba.  All of our programs include an English speaking
guide.  There are daily direct flights from Miami and weekly from New York.
We expect there to be flights again from Los Angeles and possibly other U.S.
cities in the near future.  


We have a representative in Cuba who directly and solely represents us and
can help in any way needed when the group is in Cuba.  


All of which is to say, we hope that you will count on us as you think once
again about short term study programs in Cuba and as your professors and
other faculty again come to you for field programs to Cuba.  



Merri Ansara

Director, Common Ground

359 Main Street, #2A

Easthampton, MA  01027

Tel 413-203-1125 Fax 413-529-1119

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