Wednesday, August 19, 2015

P2P Cuba Cruise
Montego Bay – Santiago de Cuba - Havana – Maria la Gorda - Cienfuegos 

Join the Cuba/US People to People Partnership for a group program
departing Havana or Montego Bay between December 18 and April 11.

Book directly your program and cabin here 
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Cuba Cruise is the most convenient (and least expensive) way to get an introduction to the people and ambiance of four distinctive regions of the large and complex island of Cuba.   Enjoy guaranteed quality transportation, meals and accommodations.  Unpack and pack only once!  

Participants in Cuba Cruise just like travelers on more conventional ground tours are purchasing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities". 

With at least a month notice, encounters with counterparts can be arranged for special interests groups of at least 40 persons, e.g. teachers, medical practitioners, lawyers, students, artists, social workers, dancers, musicians; African Americans, Irish Americans, Chinese Americans, Hispanic Americans; Jewish, Protestant and Catholic faith communities, etc.  Supplemental charges will apply.

If originating in Havana, you can allow one day before embarkation and one day after disembarkation for transit without stress due to flight connections. Information is available about places to stay, both private bed and breakfasts and hotels.

On board, please introduce yourself to some of the120 Cuban staff members.  Most speak English and welcome a chance to exchange experiences and personal stories.  We will create two structured interactions for our travelers with some of the Cubans but that is not the only chance to get to know the folks who will be part of your life for a very pleasant
and meaningful week. Also plan on attending daily on board talks about Cuban history and culture.

Fund for Reconciliation and Development
Riverhead, NY


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