Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spanish Studies Abroad Programs in Cuba


Havana, Cuba

Experience the blend of African, European, and American cultures that form Havana and Cuba.
The city of La Habana, founded in 1514, and named after a local aboriginal chief, is Cuba’s cosmopolitan capital. Havana was once one of the most prosperous ports, and the third most populous city in the Americas. A beautiful city, with idyllic landscapes, captivating bays, and a rich, diverse culture, Havana is the site for an ideal learning experience.
  • Explore the streets of Havana, the salsa rhythm and son cubano, the musical genre developed by African slaves, along with the sites, smells, and sounds of Cuban culture, surround you.
  • Experience the island’s thought-provoking contradictions, spirited determination, and stunning, natural beauty.
  • Walk along the malecón, or ocean seawall, a short distance from the center of the city. The malecón is a common gathering place for Cubans, as well as for students.
  • Visit Finca Vigia, Ernest Hemingway's home, located just outside Havana, where he wrote "Islands in The Stream," "A Moveable Feast" and "The Old Man And The Sea."
  • Delve into life in Cuba from a cross-cultural perspective, daring to step outside of yourself and experience reality from another point of view.
Meet the resident director, Tom Millington.
At Spanish Studies Abroad we are committed to providing programs of academic excellence which offer students a variety of courses within a broad spectrum of disciplines.
In addition to our regular semester and summer programs, Spanish Studies Abroad also provides professors and faculty with the opportunity to create their own customized programs.

Programs and Courses

Spanish Studies Abroad offers you a unique opportunity to study on-site in Cuba, one of America's nearest and most significant neighbors. You will take classes at the Universidad de la Habana, Cuba's principal and earliest institution of higher education. Our programs also include participation in an array of cultural activities and study trips designed to encourage direct interaction with the Cuban people.

Semester/ Academic Year Program Options

Short-Term Program Options

Course Catalog

High Academic Quality
  • Community service opportunities in local Cuban organizations
  • Direct attention and one-on-one interaction with professors
  • Faculty office hours and tutoring
  • U.S. modeled curriculum; credits transfer!
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Email Access
  • Opportunity for direct enrollment in the University of Havana
  • Option to complete an Independent Research Project
Dedicated Faculty & Staff
  • Staff escorts on medical visits
  • Classes taught by native Cuban professors
  • On-Site Resident Director and staff
A Unique Cultural Experience
  • All-inclusive program-sponsored excursions
  • On-site cultural activities
  • Numerous study visits, local and overnight
  • Three-day weekends for travel
  • Encounters with Cuban people eager to meet and talk with visitors

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